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About Green Protect

Our eco-approach to everyday life.

Green Protect is a retail brand on the cutting edge of the eco-friendly pest control movement, offering consumers a natural, non-toxic way to banish household pests. As more individuals adopt an environmentally-conscious lifestyle, Green Protect provides the ideal solution for the growing number of customers seeking to eliminate bugs without harmful chemicals.

Riding the wave of the green revolution sweeping across Europe, Green Protect has witnessed steadily rising demand for their plant-based pest deterrents from eco-minded shoppers in recent years. Free of any synthetic ingredients, the company’s extensive product line targets all of the most bothersome invaders found in homes, from pesky fruit flies circling the kitchen to clothes moths chewing holes in sweaters. Their moth control items, like pheromone traps and cedar blocks, give customers a safe alternative to mothballs’ noxious fumes. For other flying bugs, there are sticky traps to snare flies and gels to send crawling insects scurrying away. With this wide assortment of pest remedies, shoppers can find an effective, natural way to evict any unwanted pest while keeping their family, pets, and the planet safe from toxic chemicals. As more consumers opt for an ethical, eco-friendly lifestyle, Green Protect provides the ideal solution for a pest-free home.

About Green Protect

Green Protect products help to prevent pests without the use of chemicals, making them ideal for customers looking for a safe and sustainable solution. The extensive range features a wide selection of products that target many troublesome pests including fruit flies, wasps, aphids, clothes moths, plum and codling moths, house flies, plus many more. Focusing on this adoption of the eco-approach, the majority of the product range is packaged in recycled material, which can then go on to be recycled again

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