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Frequently asked questions

Q – Will the Indoor Pest Repellers have an affect on my cat or dog?

A – No, the Indoor Pest Repellers are safe for pets including cats and dogs.


Q – Will the Indoor Pest Repellers have an affect on my rabbit, hamster or gerbil?

A – Yes, however the Small House and Large House Pest Repellers come with a pet safe option. Use this setting and ensure the device is used in a different room to where your pets are housed.


Q – Can I buy from you directly?

A – No, unfortunatly we do not supply directly to the general public. Please contact us on and we can help you find a distributor


Q – What is the average battery life for the Outdoor Pest Repellers

A – Between 2 and 4 weeks. These repellers require a lot of power to emit the high powered ultrasonic waves to effectivity deter pests in your garden. We do however offer a Universal Power Kit to allow the unit to be powered by mains.


Q – Do you sell replacement parts?

A – No, we do not sell replacement parts for any of our products.


Q – How do I attach bird spikes?

A – To attach the Pest-Stop Bird Spikes to ledges or wood you can use screws or suitable external use adhesive. To attach the product to guttering, you can use the specially deisgned Pest-Stop Bird Spike Clips


Q – I’ve lost my instruction sheet, where can I find a copy?

A – We have instruction sheets available to download alongside the products on our website.


Q – Help, I have mice in my house!

A – We would recommend using either a conventional or humane trap to catch the rodents and then investing in a Indoor Pest Repeller to avoid future infestations.


Q – What is your guarantee period?

A – All Pest-Stop products are guaranteed for a period of 30 days from date of purchase against defect caused by faulty materials or workmanship during manufacture. If you need to make a claim against this guarantee, please return the product in its original packaging with proof of purchase to the retailer where it was purchased.

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